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Cristina Buzzo, M.Sc.


Cristina studied Cognitive Psychology and Psychophysiology at the University Luigi Vanvitelli of Caserta, Italy. In her last year of Master’s studies she enrolled in a Double Degree project, joining the Neurocognitive Psychology and Affective Sciences program of the University of Lille. Her Master’s thesis investigated the role of grip type on the spatial encoding of objects used away or towards the body. In 2021 she obtained her double degree jointly from the University Luigi Vanvitelli and the University of Lille under the supervision of professors Francesco Ruotolo and Angela Bartolo. As of November 2021, she has joined the Laboratory of Psychophysics of Appearance for one year to complete her post-lauream internship under the supervision of prof. Bilge Sayim. Her internship project focuses on the study of vision, art and aesthetics.

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